Working too hard? Struggling to get momentum?
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How to start, run and GROW
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The Lost Blueprint reveals my proven system
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Will you invest $10 to
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From: Kyle Tully
RE: My marketing blueprint

Dear Marketer,

Imagine being given a proven blueprint for launching a 6-figure information product business online.

Imagine knowing exactly what steps to take, and in what order...

... how to get started on a limited budget and get paid to build your list...

... what to do in those critical first 7 days of someone joining your list...

... how to make them buy over and over and love you for selling to them.

It would be just like getting
a secret map to buried pirate treasure.

Well, imagine no more. Because that's what I give you in The Lost Blueprint.

Whether you're just getting started online, promoting affiliate products, or have products of your own, this 22-page report is packed with expert advice you can profit from right away.

On page 4, for example, I'll tell you about the proven 40 year old system for selling $10 to $10,000 info products -- and how I've updated and adapted it for 2009 to get YOU bigger results faster.

On page 14 you'll learn what never to do in Internet marketing. It's a newbie mistake (even gurus make) that makes it twice as hard to make half the cash.

And on page 11 I'll show you...

The sneaky little trick to
get FREE advertising!

How much traffic would you drive if your advertising costs were completely wiped out? I'll show you how to build your list for zero cost on page 11.

I'll also reveal the 8 leverage points you should be testing in your business that have the potential to bring you exponential returns.

PLUS... the testing software I use and recommend to my clients. (It's NOT free but just one of it's innovative features can save you thousands in PPC costs.) It's on page 17.

This is the type of information you'll find of every page of this no-nonsense report, the first time I've ever condensed my entire niche business model down to a single document and made it publicly available. Download it now.

But that's not all...

“Absolutely No Hype”

Ken MacKenzie

“Kyle Tully's 'The Lost Blueprint' is a clear and very concise strategy for making money online through information product publishing. There's absolutely no hype, (unlike what you often get with similar products); just straightforward, solid facts to enable you to build an online business in just 4 hours a day. Well worth the $10 asking price.”

Ken MacKenzie
Retired Marketing Consultant
Sydney, Australia

Get your copy.

And I'll share simple email marketing tips such as:

How a "daily rant" can
get your emails opened...

... PLUS how the same email can get you better search engine rankings!

In fact, The Lost Blueprint features all kinds of email marketing strategies...

This is brilliant and works like a charm every time.

Not one in 1,000 marketers is using this strategy. And yet, it's the ultimate double whammy. Read page 12, implement it in your business today, and watch your profits increase tomorrow. Get started now.

And while we're talking about increasing your profits, one of the simplest ways you can do this is to get more traffic.

More Traffic = More Sales = More $$$

Frankly, The Lost Blueprint doesn't talk a great deal about traffic.

Listen To
The Twitter Buzz...

Twitter Buzz about The Lost Blueprint

Get your copy.

But what it does say could change the way you look at traffic forever.

(If you've ever struggled getting traffic -- despite how easy some people find it -- you'll know why after reading the report.)

For example, you'll discover...

Speaking of secrets...

Have I told you what I believe the biggest secret to success online is?

It's got nothing to do with mastering traffic, copywriting, list building, membership sites, or anything like that.

The biggest secret to success online is mastering YOU!

Your time, your focus, your productivity and your effectiveness.

On page 5 you'll see how following The Lost Blueprint will help you avoid "flashing light syndrome" and stay focused on growing your business. Also...

Marketers who learn to effectively manage themselves get more done in less time and ultimately make more money, makes sense right?

If you feel like you're working all the time but only just treading water then my simple "reality check" on page 7 is a must-read. Check it out now.

As you read through the report you'll notice "simple" is a reoccurring theme.

Why make things any harder than they need to be?

And it starts right at the top, with...

The 3 simple steps to succeed
in info product publishing...
1. Choose a market.
  • Stuck finding a niche? Simply read page 8! Discover one "do" and three "do nots" that ensure you get it right the first time.
  • Yours FREE: 47 red-hot evergreen markets -- each overflowing with thousands of cashed-up customers -- See page 8.
  • PLUS The real secret that breaks the code on finding profitable niche markets. (Big corporates pay research firms thousands of dollars for this information and it makes them millions... I'll show you where to get the same info for free.)
2. Find out what they want.
  • Not sure if your product idea will sell? Discover the single most reliable and foolproof method to find out EXACTLY what your market wants to buy -- Page 9.
  • Hot Tip: Revealed on page 9 -- The automated tool that tells you which products to create... in what order... and when you should offer them. (Eliminates your chances of ever creating a "dud" product!)
3. Sell it to them over and over again.
  • How to profit from the "peak interest point" -- this idea alone is worth 100 times the price of this report... yet no one else is talking about it. Why? See page 9.
  • And... discover the easiest sale you'll ever make. Period.
  • Then see what I do in the critical first 7 days -- Some marketers shy away from doing this... I say they're leaving TONS of money on the table! Decide for yourself after reading page 9.
Click here to grab your copy now.

Then, finally revealed on page 10 -- The Blueprint...

Can YOU get a full-time income
from a list of hundreds
not thousands?

YES! That's just one of the 4 HUGE benefits of building your info product business using this blueprint.

The Lost Blueprint

How fast will you build a 6-figure business using this single piece of paper?

Believe it or not, The Blueprint is actually quite simple.

As you can see in the image on the right, it fits on a single piece of paper and has just 12 components.

Each component is critical to your success -- bottom line gains of 9% to 353% are common -- and yet... most of them can be setup in 15 minutes or less.

If you are missing even one piece of the puzzle then you could be unknowingly crippling your earnings.

In fact, having seen the inner-workings of dozens of online businesses, I can almost guarantee you are missing at least one piece... possibly 3, 4, or more.

So ask yourself:

How much is each missing
piece of the puzzle costing you?

Certainly more than the $10 you'll invest today, that's for sure.

And if The Blueprint wasn't valuable enough, there are plenty of other tips, tricks and insights to ensure you get back at least 100 times your investment.

For example:

This is an eye-opening case study.

If you're not currently testing in your business perhaps page 17 will change your mind? If not, I don't know what will!.

Listen, I don't pull any punches in this report...

I don't sugar-coat things and I'm not going to pretend making money is a walk in the park -- I even turn the tables on some commonly held beliefs that could be holding you back, such as...

If you are not ready for the frank advice you need to hear... if you are not prepared to put time and effort into your business... if you don't really want to succeed... then this report isn't for you.

But if you are ready, prepared and will do whatever it takes to become a success, then grab this report now and get started right away.

And to make sure you succeed,
I'd like to give you a FREE bonus
each and every week...

Look, there is only so much information I can cram into a 22-page report. Frankly I could write for hours and still not tell you everything I know.

So in addition to The Lost Blueprint, you'll receive weekly articles, insights and training on information product publishing via my insiders-only Four Hour Entrepreneur newsletter.

This is NOT your typical Internet marketing newsletter.

Have you heard what are people saying about it? Check it out...

Real-time feedback on
Four Hour Entrepreneur

Each week in this content-rich ezine I go in-depth on the techniques and strategies in The Lost Blueprint -- creating info products, copywriting, affiliate marketing, list building, email marketing, time management...

... everything you need to know to make a full-time living online.

Here's my promise to you:

If you seriously desire to start a 6-figure business...
... Then this FREE newsletter will show you how to
break through the real blocks stopping you
from creating the life you want.”


It's yours FREE with your purchase of The Lost Blueprint.

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Thank you,

Kyle Tully


Kyle, I want The Lost Blueprint!

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